Elita MODEL A 

The CertainBass Model A

No compromises retaining vintage appearance, feel, sound and integrity.

With the vintage feel of a bass that qualifies for AARP, we offer you the Elita Model A at $1350. This bass replicates the 60's Fender Precision played on more Motown recordings than any other, and is more authentic in every detail than today's American Fender.

Solid alder body finished in Vintage Sunburst or Piano Black (both finishes are CertainBass proprietary colors).  Tortoise/black/white/black laminate pickguard or your choice of black or white pickguard. For other colors of bodies or pickguards, please ask.

Rosewood fingerboard on hard rock maple neck with Phillips truss rod adjustment at the heel and licensed Fender shaped headstock. Our fingerboards are thick slabs of rosewood rather than the thin veneer Fender began using in 1962 as their cost cutting move.

Fender's model "Original Precision" bass pickup modeled after pickups found in the late 50's and early 60's Precisions for the authentic, classic P bass tone.

Vintage style threaded saddle bridge, a very important vintage detail. Fender doesn't even use these on their American Fenders. They're nice because you can easily adjust your string spacing even on the fly. This is also popular with studio owners who buy CertainBasses for their studio, since different bassists have varying preferences for string width.

Reverse tuners in nickel. This is something most luthiers (including Fender) won't include because there are 16 routings that are required for the tuners to lay flat. Not to mention 16 screws and screw holes. But this is what they had back in the day and a very important vintage detail that makes you feel you have a vintage bass in your hands. Also notice the detail of the third strap button that was found on Fender basses in the 50's and 60's. Of course no one uses it, but it is a vintage detail generally overlooked nonetheless.

All CertainBasses have my exclusive handcut bone nut.

Classic barrel knobs in nickel, and this bass comes in "full dress" with chrome covers and finger rest "tug bar." Also notice the pickguard and body is notched for easy, non-destructive truss rod access. At CertainBass we believe one needs to be able to adjust the truss rod on the fly without removing the pickguard or truss rod covers. Most often I'll discover the need to adjust my truss rod right before taking the stage, and I want to do it easily and quickly.

All CertainBasses have CTS potentiometers, Switchcraft jack, Orange Drop .047uf capacitor, full shielding and the greatest attention to detail in the black and white cloth covered wire exactly what Leo used back in the day. These are the electronics in vintage basses that have stood the test of 60 years of time!

So there you have it! Hand-built vintage detail for less than an American Fender!

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