Rebuild and set-up: 

    Send me your bass, and I will rebuild your bass and set it up the way you like it or the way I like it; it's up to you.  Here's what I'll do:  remove the neck, fill in the holes in the neck then remount the neck using smaller holes for a tighter fit.  I clamp the neck to the body which gets the neck tighter than what the screws can achieve by themselves, but the screws can hold this increase pressure.  I then remove the bridge and fill in those holes and re-drill smaller holes so the bridge is tighter to the body.  I don't like a screw that goes in without a fight.  That's makes for more sustain and a tighter feel.  Then, I go over the whole bass tightening whatever needs to be tightened:  tuner screws, pickguard screws.  I level the frets and dress them to eradicate fret buzzes.  Then I do a complete set-up job, setting the truss rod and adjusting the bridge for string height and intonation.  I set intonation precisely.  I set-up each bass as if I'm the one going to own it.  If I like it, you will too.  You can tell me how you want your action:  very low, low, medium or high, or I'll just set it up the way I like it which I would call medium low.  $265 including shipping back to you.  You won't be the first to tell me, "Wow, it's like I got a new bass."


    We offer an exceptional value for our refinishing services.  Send me your bass body, and we will paint it for you.   We duplicate your favorite vintage Fender or Gibson color from any vintage.  Or go wild.  We can do anything you come up with.  We do any kind of burst, stripes, flames, your signature, whatever you come up with; use your imagination.  Always wanted a matching painted headstock?  We can do that.   If you have a vision, you have us.   $265 for body only, add $65 for matching headstock, add $170 for nitro cellulose lacquer.  Or add another $265 for the rebuilding and you can send us your whole bass, and we'll send you a better whole back to you.

    Other Services:

    We do restorations.  Do you have a bad routing in a vintage bass you wish wasn't there?   See our 1968 Telecaster Bass restoration here.  We can also change out parts and/or electronics.  We also give good pricing on necks, replacement pickups, bridges tuning keys, pots, etc.  We also do rebuilds, modifications (like turning a Precision into a PJ or even a PP), electronic mods, install Varitone and change out other parts for you.  We also do fret leveling and dressing to eradicate fret buzzes.

    david@certainbass.com or 314 762 0902

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