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Guitar Varitone

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Try it for up to 30 days, and if you can live without it, send it back for full refund. 

The optional Varitone can replace a tone knob or work in conjunction with it.  The Varitone has enjoyed a resurgence as of late. 

Why is mine the best?

  • My Varitone is a six position rotary switch that's a passive notch filter that goes down through the aural spectrum as you advance through the positions. It's a direct replacement for use in ES355's and other Gibson guitars. (Except ours works the way all of them were supposed to. Many vintage Gibsons guitars, to this day, have faulty Varitones stock from the factory. You can tell if you have one very easily because the tone is super thin and whimpy. Our Varitone is what the Varitone tone was supposed to be if it was working correctly.)

  • 1st position is flat, wide open guitar. 2 and 3 are pretty much perceived as high end roll-offs. Positions 4 and 5 are where the midrange dip and metallic sounds are, super clean with a strong complete low-end. This makes your Gibson mimic the sound of using two pickups on a Stratocaster. Position 6 mimics an out of phase pickup tone. All this tone shaping and totally passive, no battery. The switch itself is a 2 pole make-before-break for quiet switching, a must for recording. We also install five 10 Megohm resistors, one paralleling each stage of the varitone, preventing static charge build-up in the positions not being used. Both of these features assure quiet switching during performances. The shaft accepts any standard Fender set screw knob to retain the vintage look of your guitar.
  • Polystyrene caps have superior definition and smoothness. The highest quality for audio use.  In an electric bass:  an audibly warmer sound.
  • Lugs not used on the switch are ground down to afford maximum compactness.  It will fit anywhere a CTS pot will fit.  The inductor is mounted on an acetate plate in the center of the switch isolating the metal frame from the switch and making for extremely compact size.  After construction, the electronics are sealed in a protective coating of silicone affording a mechanical protection and also making installation easier. (You can grab it without breaking it when installing it)
  • We use black and cloth covered "push back" vintage style wire
  • Each varitone is tested before and after sealing, and is sold with a LIFETIME warranty, no time limit and doesn't have to be original purchaser.  As long as we can tell it's one of ours, we will replace a failed one for free.  We have not had one failure out of over 100 Varitones we've installed on CertainBass custom basses.
  • How can I say my Varitone is the best?  Making custom basses, we invite each customer that we will install anything they send us, and a few sent us Varitones they bought right here on eBay.  I didn't think the tones were that sweet due to the values of caps and coils they used.  AND They're not bad as long as you don't mind hearing pops as you switch through the sounds.  And not only do"they" use the cheapest rotary switch they can get their hands on, they also use the cheapest capacitors and coils available.  All our parts are the absolute highest quality we can find.

    UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:  Use the Varitone for no more than 30 days, and if you don't LOVE it, return it for a full refund. 

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