CertainBass Audio

What you're hearing is me just noodling around and flipping through the Varitone positions. 

The bass is a 5-string Elita Model One #0001,  5 String CertainBass Model One with Lindy Fralin standard wind pickups at equal volume Varitone, master high end roll-off and Varitone blend control, a CertainBass exclusive.  I plugged this bass into set-up into a Y then the stereo input of a Zoom H3.

As I am working through all the Varitone positions, I am also adjusting the pickup volumes and hi roll-off, and basically just playing around getting a variety of nice sounds, onboard and no battery! 

I tried recording some demo stuff like "Now this is #3 with the neck pickup..." and such, but it just wasn't working as well as just for me to shut up and play, let the music speak for itself.  On the recording you're listening to I thought I would just do my thing and get sounds. 

Now, something you can do with this track:  since it's the signal that came out of the bass and nothing else, it's a surrogate bass in a way.  If you can run your computer's output into the front of your bass amp(s), you can see what my bass with the Varitone can do for you.