This is our steadily growing product line.  Just about anything you want in a vintage style or modified bass  Should you want anything different, peruse the options in the Custom Shop or just ask me and we'll discuss it.  Whether you are of modest means or money is no object, you deserve an impeccably crafted bass.   From my flagship Model One to the no frills Model Z, I use the same build techniques and my to-die-for set-up that makes a CertainBass what it is.  No compromises.

Model One


Model A


Model 100


Model Z


The Super 5

5 String


Model '63


The Woody


The Svelte


Fretless 6

Coming Soon in 2016!


Relic Option


A big part of the feel of my basses is my handcut bone nut. Nuts are important. They are like the bridge to the left hand, except not adjustable. Most basses you pick up in a store have nuts that are too high, and they are no fun to play. I make my nuts as low as possible without buzzing, and, believe me, there is an art to it. Nearly a lost art, too.

Like our old vintage friends, CTS potentiometers, Switchcraft jack, vintage style black and white cloth covered wire are standard equipment on every CertainBass. If these electronics are still working in 40 year old Fenders, the same but new stuff in my basses won't give you a problem ever. All this quality for any reasonable budget.

It's always been my intention to make my basses accessible to those on a budget: whether for students, professional bassists who play for a living, or anyone who works hard for their money and deserves a reward. But it's also my intention that when I'm doing the over-the-top no-holds-barred kind of project, we execute it tastefully and precisely - so that function bests form, while the form is drop-dead gorgeous.

Can't find exactly what you're looking for? Have a look at our Custom Shop and see what options there are.

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